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The Samurai Store

It's hard to imagine a better setting for diversity of plants and animals than the Willamette Valley of Oregon. With this type of setting, it's hard to think of anything that can't be grown here. From the wetter coastal regions of the west to the drier areas of the high desert of central Oregon and the many micro-climates of the Willamette valley, which we call home, Oregon allows us to get the most out of our planting and growing.

Our store carries a diverse and wide range of growing products. We stock everything from fertilizers and amendments to seeds, plants and soils, plumbing and hydroponic supplies and even full greenhouse kits and equipment. We pride ourselves on our variety and diversity of the thousands of products we offer! But if for some reason we don't have what you want, we can still get it! We have 100's of brands, distributors, and ordering options to make sure we are your one stop shop here in Oregon!

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